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Tiptoeing (or Tantrumming?) through the tulips…

When you see a forecast like this in the middle of April in Seattle, that means just one thing: TULIPS.


So, we headed up to Tulip Town for the annual craziness that is the Tulip Festival. I put us through a bit of a trial in getting out of the house by 8am, but I knew that if we didn’t get there by 9ish, we’d be so frustrated with the fact that the rest of Seattle had descended upon us that it would ruin the trip. So, we got out and got up there at 9:15. Unfortunately, Hutch had the most fun of the day while watching Curious George on the car trip up north. Once we got there, he wanted nothing to do with tulips or pictures. He just wanted to splash in the mud. We’d brought the mudsuit with us, but didn’t really feel like dealing with the inevitable tantrum of putting it on. Therefore we dealt with the tantrum(s) of trying to keep him OUT of the mud puddles. Thus, we have virtually no picture of Hutch smiling at the tulip farm. Oh well. At least we saw some blue skies and amazing flowers.


“Hutch, please don’t step in the mud puddle.”


“No, seriously, Hutch, don’t step in the mud puddle.”






I MEAN IT! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally. A graham cracker makes everything better.


It was great fun seeing the beauty of nature and it makes me want to get out in the garden and plant tons of flowers with Hutch. I recently got him a set of toddler gardening tools and have been trying to encourage him to go outside with me and dig. Little by little, he’s getting into it. I’ll try to grab some pictures once we have more flowers out!

Squirrel, Please!

This weekend was a pretty low-key weekend. It started out with a sushi dinner on Friday night with my parents (no raw fish for me, in case you were worried!). On Saturday, Buck got out and played some racquetball while I attended a scrapbooking day. I finally finished our wedding album!!! Only three and a half years after we got married. My goal is to get the honeymoon album done before Chibi arrives. ;) Last night, we went to see Shutter Island. It is one of my favorite books, but knowing the plot already going into the movie made it less exciting for me. Still a good flick, just not as fun as it probably would have been had I not known what to expect.

Today was a completely unscheduled day. We got up, had some oatmeal and then started in on cleaning up the house. We made a ton of progress on things here and there and I finally got a load of clothes off of our bedroom/closet floor.  We also watched the Olympics for awhile (we haven’t really been that engaged with these Winter Olympics, despite the fact that they are in Vancouver and so close to us)…I don’t know why, I just don’t care that much about about the Olympics anymore.  Today, though, was the gold medal game for men’s hockey and it was Canada vs. the USA. It went into overtime and the Canucks won. I was actually happy for them, because it means SO much more to Canada to win the gold in hockey than it means for most of the USA. They are STILL partying in the streets in Vancouver, hours later. Buck commented that there’s not a single event that would cause street celebrations in the US if we were to win the gold and I agree. So, while it was slightly sad to see a the US guys all sad at the end of the game, I was still happy for Canada! I guess that makes me a Communist or something.


And, last, to explain the title of the post. There is an old Sony PSP commercial that featured cartoon squirrels that Buck and I loved. The phrase that they said, that we still repeat to this day, was “Squirrel, Please!”.  Anyway, so remember that I had posted a few weeks ago that we put out a birdfeeder?  Well, this week we started noticing that the birdseed was disappearing rapidly. Yesterday, I finally saw the culprit(s). Today, I got some pictures of the squirrel raiders. CAUGHT IN THE ACT, you little rats with bushy tails!

IMG_3558 IMG_3561 IMG_3565

Oh well, we’ll just put out as much birdseed as we can afford and know that we’re feeding some animals in this world. Our cats do seem to like watching the squirrels, so at least there’s SOMETHING good that comes out it.


And, spring HAS sprung now…I took these pictures of the cherry and apple blossoms from our kitchen window on the little Canon, so unfortunately it’s not as pretty as the last time. I will try to capture them on the Nikon before they fall off, but here it is, just in case I don’t get out there in time. We don’t have the SUPER pink blossoms that we see around town, but they’re pretty just the same!


Back to the grind tomorrow… hoping for an easy week! I can’t believe it’s March 1st tomorrow. In so many ways, time seems like it’s going super slow, but in a lot of other ways, the end of May is going to be here before we know it and life as we know it (and lazy weekends like this one) will probably be a thing of the past for many years. :)

Spring is springing, not yet sprung…

Today was the last day of our hypnobirthing class. While we learned a lot, we’ll be glad to get those two hours back each weekend (at least until the end of May, at which point I hear we won’t really think of days in terms of “weekday” or “weekend” for a few months!).  Before we left for the class, I looked outside the living room window and realized that we are getting buds on the cherry tree! Spring is getting here, a month or so early, but I’m so excited to see the first flowers out there.


I also noticed that the birds are starting to find and eat out of our new birdfeeder…FINALLY!! Buck had seen a bunch of cute little birds (I have NO idea what kind) outside eating lots of stuff on the ground under our trees and thought it would be fun if we could feed them and give us (and the cats) something to watch (and stalk!). We are hoping that the squirrels don’t figure out that the food is there for a long time.

DSC_0291(There are no birdies in the picture, but you can see that some of the feed is gone!!).