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jan 31: the date day edition

Today was a Friday and we took it off. Off from kids and off of work. We tried to cram in as much fun stuff as we could (read: food) between 9am and 3:30pm before picking up the kids from school.

We started by going to Skillet Diner and gorging on delicious breakfast food. Plus a bacon bloody mary for me. Turns out I still don’t love bloody marys. But this one was interesting!


Because this weekend is the Superbowl and the Seahawks are in it, it’s madness in Seattle. Everywhere we went, we saw stuff like this:


From there, we went to Victrola Coffee and worked on our finances and goal-setting, which is something we rarely do and are trying to do more of.

From there, we headed to Barrio and had some really tasty Mexican food. And for me, yes, a margarita. So ridiculous, but it was so dee-lish! And feels so naughty to drink in the middle of the day.


We took pictures of us with Ferraris because of Hutch’s obsession with them from the movie “Cars”.


Then, we went to Cupcake Royale and got a “12th Man” cupcake. Notice all of the Seahawks mania I managed to capture in these pictures!

20140131_133841 20140131_133858


We were going to try to hit up a movie, but there wasn’t really anything we wanted to see. And we were too far away from a theater and had too little time to pick up the kids. So, we decided to head to another Capitol Hill hot spot called Unicorn and have a happy hour drink. So crazy we are.


And here’s yet another fun sign. What a crazy week to be in Seattle. Fun day for a date. Can’t wait to do it again.


this is the end.


Tonight is the end of my amazingly awesome maternity leave with my happy, awesome, smiley, wonderful angel baby.

I’ve shed more tears in the past week than I have in the past three years, I think. I’m sure it was this rough to go back with Hutch, but since he was a tough baby I think I was just more worried about how it all would go. With Briar, because she is so happy and especially happy with yours truly (her face lights up like a Christmas tree whenever she sees me), I just feel incredibly sad and I also feel so awful and guilty about leaving her. I’ve gone through all the pros/cons and rationale about going back full-time and I know that a) she’ll be fine and b) it’s better for her (and Hutch) in the long-run if I work. But it doesn’t take the sting out of the sheer torture of separation.

I also have lots of anxiety about my job (I’m going back to a new team and a new boss) and that, coupled with the whole pumping/nursing/getting two kids out the door stress has me on edge. I’m just trying to be optimistic that it goes smoothly and we are in a groove in a week or two.

But, in the meantime, I’m just cocooning around my little family and allowing myself to be sad. No more “lazy” mornings cuddling my girl after the boys leave for school /work and drinking coffee and watching Good Morning America and Kelly & Michael with a hot cup of joe. I’m planning to pencil in some vacation days so that I can do just that in the coming months and not lose touch with this experience.

Anyway, I’ll write more when I have a chance (hopefully I can actually catch up on some blogging now that I’ll be in front of the computer more often!!).

And ps, the pic above is Lil Miss ‘s new sleepsuit. IT’S AMAZING. we’ve gone from 3-4 nightly wakeups down to 1 in just five days of wearing it. It’s like a big snowsuit that just helps her snuggle in. I highly recommend it and wish we’d had it for Hutch.

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I went back to the gym for the first time since around November, I think. It want hard to do the spinning. It was hard to leave Briar with the day car lady next door. She did great, apparently, so I’m hoping that this exposure to other people will help when we bring her to Megumi in a few months.


Then, after the workout, I came home and cleaned out some cabinets. One of the things that I have realized over the past few days is that I really want to minimize and simplify and get some stuff cleaned up around here, more than pretty much anything else on the “to-do” list that I have in my head. So, I started here:


And ended up here:


And cleaned out two other cabinets in the living room. Hopefully will do more in the next week. It feels sooooooo good.

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goals, schmoals

A few weeks ago, I posted about wanting to do certain things every day or few days…. Well, yah. I wrote that blog post. Yay. That’s about all I’ve done. :) Things just seem to get in the way. But, really, by “in the way”, I mean, “I’M ENJOYING MY BABY TIME.” So, let me just get that clear. I’m choosing to not let my brain stress me out about the things that I feel like I “SHOULD” do and, instead, if I feel tired and I can get the baby to sleep on my chest and watch some TV, I will lay down for a couple of hours. This is such precious time and I know how quickly it’s going to pass, so I’m not going to freak out about cleaning out bathroom cabinets or exercise every day or having a perfect meal plan, etc….To that end, I actually DID clean off my desk and make the office look MUCH nicer. Per usual, I forgot to take a “before” picture, but trust me that it was awful. There wasn’t a spare inch of white desktop that you could see prior to my cleaning up. And, yes, there’s still junk in the office that I need to clean up (one day I will come to terms with the fact that I’m never going to actually scrapbook with paper anymore and I will get rid of those supplies).

Anyway, here’s proof that I did SOMETHING other than watch Downton Abbey. I’ve also cleaned out our “snack cabinet” and got rid of a TON of sugar and junk. So there. :)

20130717_11425820130717_114311  20130717_114325

Poppy at 30 Weeks, plus a bunch of other stuff….

We had another big ultrasound at the high-risk doctor’s office on Monday, which was the 30 Week mark. We got a few decent-ish 3D pictures of Poppy (although we are now calling her Snoopy more often because of Hutch and his recent obsession with Charlie Brown.) She was moving a ton, which made parts of the ultrasound difficult, and she seems to like to have her hands up by her head and mouth all the time, so it was tough to get a good shot of her face, but I think these give us an idea of what she’ll look like! Although these pictures are always somewhat creepy, I love those cute cheeks, button nose and little puckered mouth.


In this picture, she’s opening her eyes!


As for the “other stuff” mentioned in the title of this post…I’ve been a terrible memory-keeper over the last few months, as those of you (my mom) who actually follow the blog can probably tell. The pregnancy, full-time work and all of the transitions happening in our house have caused me to have a LOT less time to blog, take pictures, edit pictures and journal. Thus, most of the posts come directly out of my phone, which doesn’t lend itself to storytelling. But, things got even MORE hectic about a month ago when I got the call from my OB that I’d failed the Gestational Diabetes test. <Note: here’s where I’m writing a bunch of detail that is really more for ME than anyone else, because I know I will forget all of this shortly with the sieve that has become my brain in recent years.> I know that I always run high on my fasting blood glucose tests when not pregnant, but I passed the 20130307_075653last pregnancy, so this was a whole new can of worms. And not a FUN can of worms, if there is such a thing. Basically, within a week, I had to start eating balanced carb/protein meals and snacks every 2-3 hours, prick my finger 4x/day with the little fingerprick/blood glucose measuring kit you see here –> and basically worry all the time about passing and failing tests and the potential damage that it’s doing to Poppy and the risk that it sets her up for in the future (diabetes). The good news is that now, with roughly 3 weeks of data, I am not failing my post-meal testings (for the most part). Even when I DO fail, it’s never by more than 10 points and usually it’s by 1-2 points. (For those not in the know, your post-meal blood glucose level shouldn’t be higher than 130 and I aim for around 110-115.) BUT, I fail every single fasting test, meaning that now that I wake up a half hour earlier to test and eat. I prick my finger immediately upon waking and most of my readings, without medication, were coming up between 110-115, when they should have been <92. So, with much trepidation that I’m now learning is not really necessary, I started glyburide about a week ago. I started the first two nights by taking a 1/2 tab of 1.25mg at bedtime, but still failed the fasting the next mornings. So, then I upped it to 1 full tab for the next two nights and still failed. When I asked the doctor what to do when I saw him on Monday, he said these are such low amounts that this is the amount that we should all be given when we order a pizza to help stabilize our blood sugar (he was joking). So, he said, up it to 2 tabs and then take 1/2 at 4am if my level was climbing. Yes, 4am…. Oh, one of the things that I forgot to mention earlier is that every time you switch doses (which has been almost daily for me), you’re supposed to wake up between 2-4am to test your bg level to make sure that you’re not too LOW and going hypoglycemic. Only one time was I even close (at 76) to going too low.  So, in addition to my regular pee-breaks in the middle of the night, I’m constantly waking myself up naturally (or unnaturally, as it would be) to check the clock and see if it’s time to test in the middle of the night. And now he wanted me to add a PILL in there at 4am!?!??! I tried it 2 nights ago and it didn’t work. I still woke up with a fasting of 115. So, now last night I did 2.5 before bed, tested at 2am (bg=91, which told me I’d be over by 6:30am) and sure enough, at 6:30 I was at 115. It’s like my body just wants to be between 110-115 when I wake up. All of this, as it might sound from above, is enough to drive a woman bonkers. And it has. I’m really trying to push through it and put it in perspective, but the exhaustion that goes along with this (plus the normal pregnancy hormones) had really brought me down. A LOT.

In addition to the physical stress, work (for me) has felt more stressful over the past few weeks. Then Hutch seems to be having a lot more ups and downs over the past few weeks (especially on the weekends when it’s just us with no break) and THEN, the big stuff is all the change that’s happening in our house. In the beginning of February, we went to IKEA. I posted this post while there, and little did I know the foreshadowing. :)


I jest about how bad it’s been, but there have been some difficult moments as Buck has born the brunt of putting together a boatload (well, a U-Haul rental van) full of IKEA furniture for our house. Here’s a snap of how just the cardboard (plus some other stuff that’s been relocated) that all of this particle-board was packed in has destroyed our dining room:


So, here’s the rundown of what has happened. And, I’m so lame for not taking before pictures to go with the after pictures, but this is what’s happening as things are rapidly changing and I can’t let it get to me.

  • We got rid of the queen-sized bed in the guest bedroom downstairs to make way for our office stuff. This unfortunately leaves us with no guest bedroom, so our family/friends are going to have to make do with an air mattress, sleeping bags or the lovely hotel down the street that we will gladly pay for when they come visit.
  • We moved all of our office stuff downstairs into the old guest room. Here’s a picture of the setup, but please note, it’s sill a mess that we’re cleaning up:


  • Then, Buck built two new wardrobes in our closet to replace the nothingness that was there before (well,not nothingness, but it was just a dresser/clothes-hanging bar on each side…I always hated how all of my clothes were exposed). So, now it looks a lot cleaner:

20130314_091707Here’s the rub: Buck had been using the normal-sized closet that was in our office for all of his clothes for the last almost-7 years, while I used 3/4s of this space for all of my clothes. Now that Hutch will be in our old office, most of Buck’s clothes are going to need to be moved out and into our bedroom or the hall closet. I curse the people in the 1960s who didn’t feel like they needed closet space when they were building houses! Anyway, that whole “culling down your wardrobe” thing is the next thing on both of our lists…I thought we were going to become those summer/winter wardrobe people, but that doesn’t really work in Seattle much, where you might need a sweater well into summer…Or you might wear a t-shirt with just a hoodie over it in November. So, we’ll see. Maybe we’ll just become those awesome minimalists that have closets that look like what you see at California Closet..although I always scoff at those ridiculous closet displays and say, “Who can survive with just three sweaters in their wardrobe!?”

  • Next up: Putting together Hutch’s bedroom. We got him a big-boy bed and just left the old console in there to hold a lot of his toys, which we are hoping to move out of the living room to make way for a swing and baby space. Last summer, we got some really amazing Star Wars poster prints at Bumbershoot’s Flatstock Festival. We had no idea what we’d do with them when we got ‘em, but after having them matted and framed, we decided to put them in Hutch’s room and force the Star Wars fanatacism onto him. I hope he doesn’t end up hating us for it. :) We’ve sort of ended up with a little collection of Star Wars things as a result of this decision, so Buck found some awesome faux-mink Star Wars sheets on clearance at Target, I found some Yoda “Easter baskets” at Target and then we already had a Yoda and Obi-Wan at home, so his new room is pretty much blinged out with theme stuff. It’s still got our laundry in it, because he’s not sleeping in here yet, but here’s the rough look and feel (sorry so dark, all of these are non-edited phone pics):


Even though he’s not sleeping in the bed yet, he LOVES going into the bedroom and getting into the bed and hiding under the covers with one of us. Then, he makes the other one be a giant and come scare/tickle him. He says, “Mama, will you be a GIANT??????” and then I have to stomp down the hall and say “Fee Fi Fo Fum” and he pulls the covers over his head and snuggles up to Papa and waits for the tickles. It’s pretty cute. And, he’s spent a few half hours playing with the few toys we’ve brought in already, so hopefully it’ll be a welcoming space for him and when he decides he wants to move in, it’ll be ready!

  • The last thing was cleaning up the living room…We got some cube shelves at IKEA and put books/toys in and recovered a bunch of floor space, which I feel like makes the room look less messy. I still don’t know where a swing/baby mat goes, but I’ll figure that out in a couple of weeks.


Well, that’s about as much time as a I have to update on where things are in our life…I have lots of cute Hutch videos and pictures and stories on my phone, but that’ll have to wait for one evening when I don’t immediately fall asleep post-Hutch-put-down or a weekend naptime when I don’t sleep or work on house stuff. I’m really trying to work hard at not beating myself up for letting time and these memories slip through the cracks and hopefully just know that I’ll get there someday. The pictures are taken, they just aren’t posted. I will hopefully remember the stories that go with them and get ‘em all shared at some point.