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may 29–june 1: the debauchery recap edition


So, last Wednesday was super stressful. Last Thursday, I was in training all day with no great food options (egg sandwich for breakfast, boxed sandwich lunch) and then Friday was date day to celebrate Buck’s birthday. All bets are off on date day. Saturday and Sunday were a mixture of being good and bad. But, today is Monday. I’m getting back on the horse. And, just so you know, I’ve done my 10K+ steps every day for the past four days. So it’s not all bad. ;)  Tomorrow is Hutch’s 4th birthday and our 8th anniversary and then we are through with “birthday season” in our house. Yipppppeeee.

Take a gander at the pictures that document the debauchery / craziness / fun of the last couple of days in the life of one crazy mama.

Thursday: Crappy Breakfast Sandwich + Iced Americano in my training class…it just got worse from there.


Friday:  Breakfast at Lowell’s in Pike Place Market…His and Hers Lowell’s Bowls. They were SO good. Oh, and a Bellini with local marionberries.




Pike Place Fun!

 image  image

image  image

Lola’s for lunch! My first time! (Although, I honestly don’t think it’s worth the hype…)

image  image

Photo: Birth-date Day Stop #?  : Cheers!

Funny movie after lunch (and no, I did not eat all the popcorn. Or even half of it.)


Karaoke in the evening!




And then my phone died because I’d been taking pictures all day, so I just have the one of “Buck’s birthday cake” at a bar called “Unicorn”. It’s a deep-fried exploding Twinkie. And we also ate a whole bunch of other awful (i.e. awesome) bar food. But, man oh man, was it SO ENTIRELY WORTHWHILE to have our first date night out since OCTOBER. Photo: Buck 's birthday cake!

Saturday morning got us back to our normal routine of soccer and then just filling the day with stuff to keep the kids occupied. It was gorgeous weather, so we took Hutch to the Exotic car show in Redmond Town Center, since he’s obsessed with race cars these days.

Photo: 18 months can't come soon enough for Lil' Miss Impatient. Girl needs to kick!

Photo: Hutch turns 4 on Tuesday and he just asked us for this car for his birthday. #keepdreamingkid

We went to a birthday party for Marlo and the theme was “Frozen”, so there was a bouncy house castle and Hutch got super sweaty and dirty. We threw him in the bath when we got home and this was the end result. (Just a tip, if you’re going to turn on the jets, use only the TINIEST amount of bubble bath.)

Photo: A personality to match his bath.

On Sunday, we got up and went to donuts (again, bad, but oh-so-good and I made the best choice possible by getting an unglazed one) and then we went to Home Depot and got a bird feeder that will hopefully deter the little evil squirrel that has broken our OTHER brand-new bird feeder three times in a week. Here was my Facebook post about it.


And in the afternoon, we headed to Nana and Grandy’s pool for the first swim of the summer. The whole experience last about 21 minutes, with Hutch only almost-drowning 1 time. Yay for us.

Photo: Soaking it all in.

Like I said, I’m getting back on the wagon this week. Hopefully the stars will align and help make that possible.

feb 14: the least romantic valentine’s day

Today is Valentine’s Day. Probably the least romantic one Buck and I will ever experience since I sincerely hope that our future life doesn’t get much more hectic than 2 kids under 4. And/or include a week straight of barfing before a day that’s supposed to be filled with romance. Lucky for me, I have a super husband who still went out of his way to get flowers and a card, despite all of the craziness of this past week.


If you look closely below, you can see the H-U-T-C-H that Hutch wrote.


And this was the precious card we got from the Crawford clan.


Here’s to lots more romantic Valentine’s Day celebrations in the future!!

jan 31: the date day edition

Today was a Friday and we took it off. Off from kids and off of work. We tried to cram in as much fun stuff as we could (read: food) between 9am and 3:30pm before picking up the kids from school.

We started by going to Skillet Diner and gorging on delicious breakfast food. Plus a bacon bloody mary for me. Turns out I still don’t love bloody marys. But this one was interesting!


Because this weekend is the Superbowl and the Seahawks are in it, it’s madness in Seattle. Everywhere we went, we saw stuff like this:


From there, we went to Victrola Coffee and worked on our finances and goal-setting, which is something we rarely do and are trying to do more of.

From there, we headed to Barrio and had some really tasty Mexican food. And for me, yes, a margarita. So ridiculous, but it was so dee-lish! And feels so naughty to drink in the middle of the day.


We took pictures of us with Ferraris because of Hutch’s obsession with them from the movie “Cars”.


Then, we went to Cupcake Royale and got a “12th Man” cupcake. Notice all of the Seahawks mania I managed to capture in these pictures!

20140131_133841 20140131_133858


We were going to try to hit up a movie, but there wasn’t really anything we wanted to see. And we were too far away from a theater and had too little time to pick up the kids. So, we decided to head to another Capitol Hill hot spot called Unicorn and have a happy hour drink. So crazy we are.


And here’s yet another fun sign. What a crazy week to be in Seattle. Fun day for a date. Can’t wait to do it again.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


UPDATE: I posted a video at the bottom 12 hours after the original posting!

I took the above photo a couple of days ago with the idea that we would send out Valentine’s cards to our family since we haven’t even sent thank-you cards for our Christmas presents. Kill two birds with one stone, I thought. Turns out I can’t even kill one bird. Maybe that’s part of why I want to be a vegan. Sorry, family! We really LOVE the Christmas presents you all gave us!

Anyway, we didn’t have a terribly romantic V-Day and actually made a deal to not do anything for each other to take the pressure off. I broke the deal because I found a funny Justin Bieber card. Sorry, my valentine. But it was worth it. :)


And now tonight, we just had a yummy taco dinner and now Hutch and Papa are reading books, which is our new favorite thing to do after dinner. Good thing we finally discovered the library!


For whatever reason, he wanted to read “The Sweet Smell of Christmas” over and over tonight. There’s a part in there with carolers, so we always sing “Jingle Bells” and I think I never caught a video of him singing the whole song at Christmastime and thought I’d post it…