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jan 17

Today was “Mama Day”. No pics of the kids!

First, here’s the way I am celebrating the Seahawks getting into the NFC Championship game.

Then, I went to the Justin Timberlake concert. I got the ticket the week Briar was born. Totally didn’t realize that it would still be hard to leave 2 kids with Buck when she was 8 months old. Thank goodness my mom and dad live nearby and can help out.

JT was pretty great! I’m not even the biggest fan.









And here’s a video of him on the catwalk that was rolled out to get him closer to those of us in the back.

It was a fun night, but I still wish I’d been at a concert with my love. It’s been too long since we’ve gone out together. Someday.

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Well, we took Hutch to his first concert at 7 weeks (Jamie Cullum @ Chateau Ste. Michelle). With Briar, we didn’t make it to a show until 15 weeks, but it’s Labor Day weekend and Bumbershoot was something we just had to introduce her to. :) We got there right after it opened on Sunday at around 11:15. Hutch was already getting a little tired and moody, so we tried to bribe him into the festival by telling him that we would find him a candy apple (like what he’d just watched Max get on one of his favorite shows “Max & Ruby”). Unfortunately, there were no candy apples to be found. So, we settled on cotton candy. You can see pictures of all of the garbage that we had to eat below (but you’ll also find Hutch munching on an apple, so we’re not the WORST parents in the world, eh?). Anyway, we never really found a good band in the four hours that we were there. Sad. We love to watch Hutch dance, but he just wasn’t feeling it with the crappy music. He DID love the water fountain in the middle of Seattle Center, though. He wouldn’t go stand under the water, but he liked the tease of it!

It’ll be fun to have two kids that are able to just chill out and enjoy festivals like this. I’m glad we went, because it’s such a tradition and we love Flatstock (the music poster art part of the festival), but it’s a little tough with a 3.5 month old because it’s so loud and then the 3 year old was pretty testy because he was skipping a nap. We’re so glad we went, but we were pooped by the time we got home!

20130901_140607  20130901_135229



Briar’s hidden in these pics, under her hat. :)

20130901_132407  20130901_132336 

Communing with his apple.




20130901_121655  20130901_121352

Our budding rock star…

Hutch has liked music forever and we are always listening to something, usually kids music. But, some of our latest songs have actually been pop songs. Not CURRENT pop songs, and not even good ones at times, but we are doing our best to raise a kid with varied taste in music. Here are some video clips of him showing off his new skills in singing and dancing.

I’m not sure how this one even got into the repertoire, but it did. And now he sings this all the time.

And, at some point I started to sing to him every night when I take him out of the bath. He’d always get agitated and cold, so I’d hold up the towel and sing, “I’m gonna wrap you up in my love”, to the tune of Madonna’s “Dress You Up” and all of a sudden one night he started singing it to himself in the bathtub. I’ve never cracked up harder than hearing my little boy sing Madonna.

One day when we were downstairs playing, I pulled up music videos on OnDemand and found the Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right”. The video is pretty much not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18, but I figured it wouldn’t make that much of an impression. It did. He now sings the song when he wants to make us laugh.

Here are two more age appropriate videos. They are songs by Caspar Babypants that we typically listen to 187 times a day, especially in the car.

Twirlin’ with the Hippies!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and that means it’s Folklife Festival. We’ve never attended this free hippie-fest before, but it was sunny and we had nothing to do, PLUS Caspar Babypants was playing, so we decided to take a ride into Seattle. We had to skip Hutch’s nap in order to go, which was a little dicey and thus the reason that you don’t see a lot of smiles in these pictures, but it was SO worth it for me because I really miss going to concerts and festivals now that we are older and have more limitations on our time and activities. AND, we have sort of written off Seattle Center activities like Bumbershoot and Bite of Seattle because they are always SO crowded and annoying, but this one was great!! Free (we gave a donation), less people, fun music, and great food. Everything I could ask for on a holiday weekend.


We did not have one of these, by the way, I just had to take a picture –>


Since he was skipping a nap, Hutch was a little cranky, so we got some chocolate covered strawberries, we ate most of the chocolate and then he focused on the strawberry part. This let me get lots of pictures of Papa smiling, but pretty much none of Hutch.


I just love this expression. :)


There’s Caspar Babypants on the stage far away.


And there’s the dancing bear that he brought up on stage to sing some of his many bear-related songs. A little creepy, a little fun, which could have been the theme of the festival.


Here was this great drum xylophone circle that we found made up of pretty young kids that were making really cool music. Hutch was entranced.


After this, he really started to get his mojo back and got a 2nd wind after skipping his nap. This is when he started getting crazy rolling around in the grass, dancing to music and just generally enjoying himself. Here’s a little video of the madness:



Can you tell us how to get to Sesame Street?

This weekend, our big deal was getting to meet Elmo at Sesame Street Live! It was basically like Hutch’s version of my Coldplay concert from a few weeks ago. Except that if I were to get to sit on Chris Martin’s lap, I would’ve been a little more excited than Hutch was about sitting on Elmo’s lap. ;) The nice part about paying extra to see Elmo is that we got to get in early and experience the whole Sesame Street experience and witness some cute dances and songs from all of the different muppets. But, as you’ll see in the pictures below, he wasn’t as interested in seeing the muppets up close. The show itself went pretty well and he never once tried to run away, which was good because we were in the front row and he could have very easily gotten up on the stage. I guess it’s good that he was afraid of the characters up close. ;)



Big head, much?!!?


Playing Elmo’s pee-na-no!!!!


And here comes the big meeting with Elmo and Rosita. Notice the looks on his face. First, not so sure.


Then a little more unsure.


Then, a lean-away….


Then a full-on “GET ME OUTTA HERE!”


So, Mama hops in and he grabs on for dear life.


And looks back to make sure they aren’t going to grab him again.


Then decides it might be ok to give Elmo a high-five.


And one for Rosita, too.


And a few minutes later, we grabbed one more photo with Elmo, this time with Papa as the savior. Notice we never got an actual smile out of Hutch. And he’s holding onto Buck’s collar for dear life.


Then, a few minutes later, Ernie came up during one of the dances and gave Hutch a high-five, which was pretty cool.


Cookie Monster not-so-much.


Knock, knock, is Gordon there?


“Hey, Hutch, what did you think of meeting Elmo?!” “Whaddya think, Ma?”


Ok, maybe I’ll be happy now.


And then we went into the show. It was pretty cute. All about how to make music when you don’t have regular instruments.


They even did a real “Elmo’s World” segment, complete with a fake Mr. Noodle.


I couldn’t not post this picture. There are two important things to note here: the big blob of balloons they brought out at intermission that cost TEN DOLLARS A PIECE. And of course, the kids don’t have any clue that we are spending their college funds on crappy Elmo balloons, so they just scream, “WANT ONE! WANT ONE!”. And the second thing is this tall blonde woman that looks exactly like Big Bird, but was ironically wearing a Cookie Monster shirt. Buck was enamored of her and couldn’t stop taking pictures of her the entire time we were there.


We got a little of our wiggles out during intermission by running around in circles like a madman.


And then laying on the ground.


Pretty soon the gang came back and did The Hustle and a bunch of other fun songs. I think Buck was almost as excited to see Baby Bear in person as he was to see Chris Martin a few weeks ago.


And at the end, Hutch and Marlo played in the confetti!


Last, but not least, I took a cool picture as we were heading out of Everett.