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Backblog: Catching up on Briar’s First Days

In case you don’t just randomly decide to go back through my blog to see if I have added any “new” posts back in time (that’s sarcasm right there), I’m letting you know that I’m catching up on stuff and here are two I just posted about Briar’s birth and her first few days. I’ve written them four and 9 weeks after her birth, so I’m sure I’ve already forgotten precious details, but at least there’s something!

The Birth of Chibi-ni / Poppy / Snoopy / Briar Delaney Cockrell

Briar–Days One, Two and Three in the Hospital


This one’s all about mama. I just have to relish and celebrate the fact that 2 weeks and 6 days after giving birth, I’m back in non-maternity shorts. That’s right, there’s zero elastic or stretch in these babies and they actually close. Let’s be clear, these are not size 2 shorts or anything. I’ve not been a svelte kitten since, well, ever. And, anyone who knows me knows that I have huge body image issues and would pretty much never voluntarily post a picture celebrating my body on my blog. But, I wore these shorts last summer and I’m wearing them now again, less than 3 weeks after popping out a kid. Thank you, Gestational Diabetes!!!! I just wanted to document this crazy fact.

ps faces have been removed to protect the chubby and the huge-boobed.



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Today was a great day. It’s the last day of Buck’s week off, so we decided to have a date lunch. After taking Hutch to school, we prefaced our lunch with a trip to Sears, where we got the info for a new oven/stove to replace the poor excuse for an oven/stove that we have now. It’s the one thing in the kitchen (besides the cabinets) that we haven’t replaced. And that’s because we have only one option due to the size and the fact that we need a downdraft vent system because there is no vent hood or way to have one without blocking the opening to the family room. Anyway, after finding out how much of Hutch’s college fund we’d have to spend, we went to Pomegranate and had a great lunch. Then we came home and all three of us had naps. Which were desperately needed. Then, we picked up Hutch, went to a park and had a nice dinner at Nana’s and Grandy’s.

My sister in Japan asked to see some pictures of me. Here’s one. Another selfie. I’m still looking about y months pregnant, plus my boobs are huge and unshapely in my nursing tanks. So, this is all you’re going to get right now, Amy. ;)


She also wanted to know what drugs I was taking, after the picture below from another post.


Basically, it looks like this:
-Anti-gas pill (because of the c-section)
-Stool softeners because of the narcotics shutting down my digestion (hey, you asked, Amy!)
-Extra Strength Ibuprofen (general pain relief)
-Vicodin (for the incision)
-natural nipple cream
-prescription nipple cream (her latch was/is bad and she was shredding my nipples because she was only nursing on the tip, but we saw the lactation specialists a few days ago and they helped me a TON! Within a few sessions of changing her latch, things were already starting to feel better.)
-And the last bottle is the crazy bottle: my placenta. Yes, I got my placenta encapsulated. It’s supposed to help with the baby blues and with lactating. So far, things are pretty great, so I’m going to assume it’s money well spent.


And here are my favorite delicious photos from the last 24 hours:




Looking forward to Memorial Day weekend and a visit from the Crawford family!!!!

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Briar–Days One, Two and Three in the Hospital

This is being posted much later than it happened, but I still wanted to get some great pictures into the blog and the fuzzy memories that I DO have from those first few days.

After getting out of the OR, we went back to the original room, where I nursed Briar and my mom showed up around 11am and got to be the first stranger to hold her. Because of the Gestational Diabetes, they took her blood sugar right away and it was 32…EEEEK. Way too low. This is because once they cut the cord to my placenta and she’s out of my sugar shack, she’s not getting the steady stream of glucose that she was all throughout pregnancy. So, they had Buck give her a tiny bottle of about 5ml of formula. She sucked through it so fast that they had us give her a little more and then I put her right back on the boob. After an hour, she was at 67 and then another hour later at 69, so we did a good job of getting her back up nicely. But, it was definitely something I was worried about. I had thought that they’d care about MY blood sugar, too, but apparently they didn’t, because they never tested me after she came out. I wasn’t allowed to eat, though, because of the drugs that they had me on and how nauseous you apparently get when you combine eating, sitting up and drugs.

We left Julie and Paul, our nurses, and transferred to my real room around 2pm. I still hadn’t had anything to eat, so I asked Buck to get me a yogurt smoothie. It didn’t satisfy, but at least it didn’t make me sick. I was in the new room for a few hours before Hutch got there to see Briar for the first time.

Hutch was a dream brother. He was less excited to see his baby sister than to get the presents and treats that she brought him. We were sort of surprised by his indifference towards her, but when we look at how overwhelming the whole experience is to a little guy who doesn’t love big changes, I guess ANY behavior is “normal” behavior for him. He basically came into the room at about 4:30pm, after being in daycare call day and went, “Oh cool, baby sister….<pause>… what’s outside the window?”. :)  “Briar” gave him a Max & Ruby doll and a lollipop and the lollipop was BY FAR the biggest thing of the day. He was so happy about the lollipop. I think we should just ALWAYS use lollipops as rewards and presents. We’d save a lot of money at Christmastime and birthdays.


Over the next day, he got more interested in getting up on my bed and seeing “baby sister”. He was so precious and sweet, but you could tell it was hard for him to contain his physicality and not want to jump on me (and my tummy, which felt like it was still falling out of my body). But, he was VERY gentle with Briar, which was so cute to see. He even wanted to hold her by himself, but we decided to put that off for a couple of days.





Overall, as for my time with Little Miss, I had a lot more “alone time” in the room for this hospital stay than with Hutch. Buck basically stayed for the few hours after delivery on the first day, then went to get Hutch, brought him to the hospital, left with him to go get dinner and do bedtime, came back after he was asleep (Nana stayed at the house overnight) and then got up and out of the hospital both days at 6:30am in order to be home for Hutch’s wake-up and to take him back to school. With as big a change as this is for him, we wanted to keep things as normal as possible. And, he’s not been comfortable with babysitters (even his Nana), so we knew that we couldn’t do the whole “sleepover” thing that so many of our friends have done when they have their 2nd kid. It worked out pretty well for us, though, and I think kept Hutch as calm as possible under the circumstances. I had friends come both nights between 5pm and 8:30pm so that I wouldn’t be alone.

The first night was the hardest because I was still tethered to the catheter and the IV. My AMAZING friend, Casey, came with food and “babysat” me. This proved to be very helpful because I had my first real meal since 10pm the night before she was born. I was trying to still be mindful of the GD, so I ordered some grilled salmon and mashed potatoes, thinking that it would be good protein and some yummy carbs. Unfortunately, the nurse came right after to have me do my first walk to the bathroom. Well, after I sat back down, as she was walking out of the room, I said, “Ummmm….I feel nauseous” and then IMMEDIATELY all of the dinner came up. It was AWFUL. And I felt so bad for Casey, who was holding Briar, but I was so grateful that she was there to help me because I don’t know how I would’ve done it had I been all alone in the room. After I got all cleaned up, I felt a lot better, but still had a hard time eating, even though I was STARVING. Lucky for me, Casey had brought some food and treats. And, my friend Gloria came over shortly after and kept me company with Casey and we just had girlie time, which was nice. After they left, Buck came back and he spent the next few hours writing our birth announcement (I’ll paste it below). I spent the next 7,456 hours nursing. Seriously, I don’t know if it was the GD and her needing to get her blood sugar up, or if it was just her “thing”, but she wanted to nurse for hours on end over those 48 hours in the hospital. This led to my nipples becoming SO SORE, unlike anything I’d ever experienced with Hutch. (I found out later that it’s because I was being too lazy with her latch and that was my fault.) But, looking back on it several weeks later, that’s my memory of the two days in the hospital. Well, nursing and then LOTS of visitors: Grandpa and Vikki came the 2nd day and we got to see them a large part of that day and then the day we checked out of the hospital, my parents, my sister and her kids, Casey (as my lifesaver), Gloria, and another friend, Mary Beth (who was the first friend to see Hutch when I had him three years before!).

The other thing to note is that we had pictures taken of Briar while we were in the hospital. Unfortunately, the photographer came at a terrible time and didn’t have any patience, so even though Briar had been relatively calm for the first 24 hours, she had started to get fussy and our pictures of her didn’t really show her peacefulness. Also, I’m not a big fan of “baby in basket” pictures that are all the rage these days, and maybe Briar shares that sentiment, as you’ll see below. :)

briar-1  briar-3


briar-10  briar-11




One of the things that you can see in the above pictures is my custom hospital gowns. I found a Pinterest pin that showed a mom’s cute homemade gown and decided that since I’d be there for almost three days, that I’d like to have my pictures be of me be in pretty gowns instead of the ugly mint-green/pink gowns that are standard issue (what you saw in the first few pictures of me from the operating room). My mom made me these two and I’m so happy that I asked her to:



In the picture above, I’m having my first real treat (a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream bar) since being in the hospital and officially not being affected by GD. Thus the big smile on my face. :)

Here are some more of my favorite pictures from the hospital over those two and a half days. It’s such a blur, so I’m glad that Buck snapped what he did. We don’t have any pics of Briar with any of our visitors. Oops! But, we have lots of sweet pictures of those precious first baby hours when they are just little blobs adjusting to this new space that they are occupying.



2013_05_16_briar-1-4  2013_05_16_briar-1-5







Yet again, we didn’t end up taking a picture of our baby in the carseat leaving the hospital. I think there’s just always too much commotion. I DO remember thinking, though, “HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that she’s this tiny in the carseat?!?!” I’m still in awe over her tiny size at birth. She was 6lb 15 oz when left the hospital, so quite a bit smaller than Hutch ever was in the same car seat. Anyway, off to home. To be a family of four. EEK!! :)

P.S. take a gander at the brilliant announcement mail Buck wrote at midnight, the day she was born: