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nov 12 2015: this week’s happenings


I keep thinking that I’ll update this blog more often and then life keeps getting in the way. But, I made a big change last week at work and I think I might actually get to catch up. I only have about 3.5 years worth of posts to do, but hey, who’s counting? Smile 

Anyway, the big change is that a I realized several months ago (well, like 13 months ago) that I was getting burned out on my prior role and unable to handle the constant fire drills and daily ups and downs (what felt like mostly downs). I had a random catch-up dinner with an old friend and she told me about two open roles on her team. I still get to stay in the same product world at Microsoft (Bing Ads), but I move out of marketing into a role planning service/support for our SMB customers of Bing Ads. It took me awhile to be ok in the head with not having the title “Marketer”, but I REALLY enjoy the work so far. And I actually DO believe that I am *marketing* the support that we offer for this product. And the team is SO great. Welcoming. Warm. Awesome. So, anyway, I’m hoping to carve out some time each day/week to go back in time and post some photos and videos of what has been going on in our crazy lives that I haven’t documented for posterity.

As of this week, it looks like this:

After a long, long, long dry and warm summer, the rain has finally moved in and we are now relegated to playing in the garage again. Briar has discovered the peas and loves them.


Hutch just wants to play various types of ball with him. Or frisbee. Or fashion show.

Briar has a funny thing we love where she says “wha yur like?” (translation: “what would you like?”) and she serves us imaginary food. She played that game with me in the bathtub on Saturday and I finally caught it on video. Smile 

On Sunday, we made the mistake of going to a play place in Factoria called Playtorium. The kids had fun, but it was wayyyyy overwhelming, too crowded and too dangerous for my taste.

Google made this fun video for me, though! Smile 

It turned out to be a non-rainy afternoon, so we headed out to a park after Briar’s nap and I snapped a few more cute pics!

Oh, wait, this isn’t one of them. Winking smile 

Then, yesterday was Veteran’s Day, so I had to take the day off work. Amazingly, I had a relatively pain-free day with the kids. I took them to another play place, but it was way less difficult to keep track of them there. And after lunch, when Briar was napping, I took Hutch to Chuck E Cheese.

Google made me another video to celebrate. (They picked the music, not me. Smile)

I took them to Target and got this funny video (trying to share through Google+, let’s see if it’ll work):

Then, Chuck E Cheese:

All in all, we’ve had some cute moments with our spirited kids recently. They make us crazy (more on that later), but we love ‘em soooooo much!

oct 18: i want to remember


A few more recent things that Briar has been saying that I’ve been meaning to capture.


“Alleebodies” – She’s changed from “allee-ones” to “alleebodies” when she wants to get everyone to do something. “Alleebodies, be quiet!” or “Alleeebodies, come!” She’s quite the bossy bessie, as we approach 2-and-a-half.


Speaking of her being bossy, she often wants us to be quiet and not have conversations with each each other. So, she’ll say “NO TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!” to get her parents to stop talking. Pretty much for no reason.


She loves “punky break” or “punkin bread” and “punkin patches”.


When we read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?”, we say “I see a SENSEI looking at me”, instead of “I see a teacher.”


She wakes us up EVERY single morning by shouting (not angrily, just loudly): “MAAAA-MAAAAAA!!!!!!!  Weh ahhhhh youuuuuu??????……I fiiiiiiiiiiiiind youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!” Every. Single. Day…… Without. Fail.


One of her favorite shows right now is “Dockistuffins” (Doc McStuffins on Disney Jr.).


Most of all, she’s just a joy. I’m soaking up every precious minute of this age, tantrums and all (she gave me a bloody lip the other day when she threw her head back while sitting on my lap.)

Here are some recent pics, since I’m not great these days at blogging.




sept 13: I want to remember

A few more things I want to remember about Briar’s cute twos:

– Itsy bitsy “fider” = itsy bitsy spider

– “Briar Balla-weena”  = she’s obsessed with dresses right now and anything that has a skirt on it makes her a ballerina. I got her a bathing suit with a little skirt and she always wants to wear it, so she’ll go find it and say “balla-weena, balla-weena!!!!!“

– She loves the song “Let It Go” from Frozen. But she only knows the part that goes “Let It Go, let it go” and then she goes “…. Ananana more”

– She loves the song “Walkin’ Ole Joe” from our kids songs CD called “Songs for Wiggleworms”, but she says “Walkin ole Joke, Walkin ole Joke”.

– When you ask her what flavor of ice cream she wants, she says “PINK!!!!!”

– She calls her sensei “Goomi – sensei”  (the sensei’s real name is Megumi-sensei).

Again, there are a million more things, but can’t remember them all at the same time. Here are a couple of newer pics and videos.



aug 23: i want to remember

She’s just at this precious, precious stage right now. Three months into age 2.

She says:

“Alley-ones” when she means “Everyone”. 

“Hanky Cata-piller” for “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

“Singers” for “fingers” . 

“Ustown Funk” for the song “Uptown Funk

And a billion more adorable things I can’t remember at this very moment, but I will keep trying to write em down as I can.





june 23: the derailed edition

Hi there….clearly I’m not doing awesome at keeping updated on things. Here’s why: 3 weeks ago Briar got a horrible stomach flu that kept her out of school for half a week. 2 weeks ago, Briar got hand/foot&mouth disease that kept her out of school for half a week. Then last week, Hutch got hand/foot & mouth, so he was out of school for two days. In addition to that, last week a rumor started circulating that they are going to be laying off 40% of my group. If this happens, and it happens to me, it’ll likely be two years almost to the day as the last time I was laid off. My brain has been all over the place for the past five days. I have no choice but to keep my head down until I actually know what’s going to happen. But, it just blows. I’d just gotten to a good place in this role over the last couple of months and I’d even started decorating my office!! (Amy, see my awesome Japanese vending machine poster you got me last summer!)


20140623_124552     20140623_124604



SO, I’ve been doing terrible with eating and drinking way too much recently, but two of my friends and I have started a small private FB group to encourage each other over the next 30 days. Here were my goals today:

1) salad for lunch, 2) salad for dinner, 3) 10K+ steps and 4) my beachbody exercises (50 Crunches & 2x 60 Second Plank) and 5) NO ALCOHOL. And I posted this as our daily motivation:


And here’s how I’m doing so far! (Salad with black beans, red pepper, brussels sprouts and a dash of ranch + green juice with 2 cucumbers, 1 lemon, 1 green apple, ginger and tons of spinach.)


And, because I’ve been doing so horrible with updates on the kids, here are some fun videos since I’m sure you care more about them than my lunch choices. Smile


First, Hutch at Crossroads on one of his sick days. He was being hilarious while riding the carousel. The fact that he’s so verbal and funny is really cracking us up these days. At the time, I didn’t know where he came up with “This is the BEST DAY EVERRRR!”. I thought I was just being an awesome mom, getting him cake pops and putting him on rides. But, it turns out that it was from an episode of WallyKazam, one of his new favorite shows. Smile

This is the day that we got birthday presents from Aunt Carrie, Uncle Brian, Georgia and Ronan. This one is called “Rollipop” and Briar figured this out within about a minute of me putting it together. SHE LOVES this thing!!! I couldn’t believe she just “knew” to put the balls into the hole at the top. Thank you guys again for sending it!

Hutch likes to speak in “Japanese” and he will take English words and say them in Japanese by just using the “katakana-version” of the word. SO, he’ll say “Doh-rah-ee-voo soo-roo” instead of saying “Drive through”. Smile And he calls Briar “Boo-rah-ee-ah-chan”. One of the huge benefits of sending him to a Japanese daycare.