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feb 14: the least romantic valentine’s day

Today is Valentine’s Day. Probably the least romantic one Buck and I will ever experience since I sincerely hope that our future life doesn’t get much more hectic than 2 kids under 4. And/or include a week straight of barfing before a day that’s supposed to be filled with romance. Lucky for me, I have a super husband who still went out of his way to get flowers and a card, despite all of the craziness of this past week.


If you look closely below, you can see the H-U-T-C-H that Hutch wrote.


And this was the precious card we got from the Crawford clan.


Here’s to lots more romantic Valentine’s Day celebrations in the future!!

feb 8-13: it’s-all-a-blur edition

Umm…yah. Barf, barf and more barf. Briar started barfing early Friday morning and it was still happening as of this morning. I took her to the doctor yesterday because 5 days of barfing seemed like a lot but the doc told me that it’s not that uncommon when babies get a stomach flu. The problem now, though, is that she’s gotten a cough/runny nose on top of the barf+diarrhea. Apparently it’s going around the kids in our area, but it’s SO not fun or good for my career to be out of the office for a week straight. It’s also not great for my mental health to be trapped in the house with a crying baby who is hungry but barfs up everything she eats. We tried taking her back to school on Wednesday, but she barfed while there and they sent her home.

I don’t have a whole ton of pictures because when you’re trapped in the house for a week, you don’t take a whole lot of awesome pictures. So, here goes!

Saturday: I stayed home and did laundry while Briar napped and Papa/Hutch went to soccer. And by “did laundry”, I mean sit down on my bed and watch Real Housewives and fold an occasional piece of laundry and just revel in not being barfed on for a moment.


In the afternoon, I went to Hutch’s preschool parent/teacher conference where I learned that Hutch is not doing so great at Megumi these days. The teachers let me know that he’s not speaking Japanese to them and that the language differences are causing some frustration on his part. They also told me that he’s not being stimulated enough and that he might be happier in another place. Ummmm…..this throws a big wrench in our plans for educating him until kindergarten. We happened to go to a friend’s 4th birthday party and when I was talking to some other parents there, I learned that a lot of the kids are not super happy in their classroom. And that a lot of the parents are looking for other options for pre-k. All of a sudden we are in a scramble. I’ll explain more later in the post.

Sunday: It snowed! Briar and I stayed inside. Hutch and Papa got to go play. I started barfing while they were gone.

20140209_081242  20140209_081246

Selfies in the bed while trying to waste time between barfs.



Later in the day, we hung out downstairs and built a ramp for our cars.


Monday through Wednesday: We took walks (see little sick girl below), took a trip to the doc to visit our favorite fish, went to the local elementary school and raced our cars and mostly just tried to feel better.


20140212_15222020140212_162201 20140212_162221


We got an awesome package from Aunt Carrie, Uncle Brian, Georgia & Ronan. You can see how much Hutch was interested in all of the things inside by how quickly he threw them on the floor. Winking smile

More rolling around with Briar, trying to figure out how to waste the hours she’s awake and feeling crabby. She likes our bed, so sometimes I just bring her in here and play and waste minutes so that she doesn’t start squawking again.

When we ask Hutch what Papa’s name is, he says, “Uncle Buck.”

Also, you might have noticed Hutch sitting on the potty in the video above. He’s pretty much done with potty training (finally!!!) and has VERY few accidents. He still does the “hiding” thing, though, when he’s going #2. In this picture, he wanted to keep watching his show, so he made US hide behind our pillows and not look at him while he was on the potty. We were cracking up.


Anyway, we spent the whole week consumed with our application to a local school for Hutch for next year because their deadline is tomorrow (Friday, the 14th). In a way, I think it was sort of good timing that we had the surprising parent-teacher conference when we did because it opened my eyes to things that I hadn’t really seen. I had always just assumed that Hutch cried every day when we left and was waiting by the window for pick-up because he is overly attached to us. But, it makes sense now when I realize that his brain is yearning for stuff to keep him stimulated and occupied and since there’s not a lot of academic emphasis at his current school, he’s basically BORED. And that boredom leads to frustration and anxiety in a spirited kid. I had always been ok with the idea that he’d be in a play-based daycare because I didn’t think we needed to push academics on him at a super early age. What I never really considered is that he’d WANT to be in a learning environment. And it makes sense, because if we sit around at home too much, he goes CRAZY. Which is why we’re always out doing things with him, to keep him stimulated. Once I understood this from the teachers, it was like a lightbulb turned on and I realized that we needed to make a pretty big decision and push for change. So, for the past 4 days we have been writing up a 2 page essay about how awesome Hutch is (and what awesome parents we are Winking smile) to get our application in by the deadline tomorrow. And we were required to tour the school as well, which turned out to be awesome and made me a lot more excited about the opportunities that it might give him for next year. It was pretty crazy, though, how much learning he’d get there. The kids who are in the class he’d be in starting in September are reading books and doing things that seem SO far advanced for that age. I think he’ll do fine adjusting to that because he picks up things so quickly these days, but it was eye-opening. And I’m glad I got this exposure so that we can be planning his next few years and exposing him to things that’ll make him happier and more ready to face kindergarten with his peers. We’ll find out during the week of March 7th if we got in, so cross your fingers for us. And, big thanks to our friend Jamie for writing us a referral. Her girls go to this school and the stories that I’ve heard from her about it make me even more excited.