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The “B Game” From Another Vantage Point

As you might have noticed in some of the videos (and I think I posted one at one point), Hutch likes to hold onto the video camera(s) that we have. Since we usually decide we’d rather forfeit the camera than have a tantrum, he ends up taking long drawn-out videos that are shaky and often times include the sound/view of his mouth over the lens because he likes to eat the silicone protector for the camera.


I just had a moment to go through the smorgasbord of funny but un-usable video on these two cameras today and I stumbled across this hilarious bit, shot by our little Scorsese. Remember the “B Game”? Well, here’s the exact same moment in time, but filmed by Hutch. You can even see me taking the video on my phone at minute 1:57. It’s not exactly pretty to watch, but the soundtrack to it will make you giggle (at least it made us giggle). :)

Just for me.

On Monday night I ditched the husband and the kid and went into Seattle. Once a month, there is a meeting of a camera club called “Mamas With Cameras” and it’s all about mothers who like photography and want to become better at it. This month, our featured speaker was a photographer who is pretty famous. Her name is Me Ra Koh and she has been on tv shows like Oprah and most recently The Nate Berkus Show to share her passion for photography. I was introduced to her a few years ago when I was looking for classes I could take and stumbled across a boot-campish type of weekend that she offers to women. It costs an arm and a leg, so I have never been able to sign up. Hopefully one day I can do it, though, because I think it would change the way I photograph entirely.  It’s called “Confidence” and that is something that I don’t have when it comes to photography and something I’d really love to get at some point. :)


Anyway, it was a really fun night and I learned a lot and laughed a lot and spent some great time with my friends, Carrie and Lindsey, who are also mamas and amazing photographers (although I’m sure they’d poo-poo that statement and say that they aren’t, but *I* always look at their photos with envy!). Most of all, it was just nice to be able to get away for a few hours and feel slightly normal again (although I always look at my phone to see if there are frantic text messages from Buck who’s at home trying to put our sleep-challenged dude to sleep). Luckily, when I got home, I learned that all went well and I felt really good about taking that time to myself.

A view from the car at a red light in funky Fremont. Also something I am hoping to get back in my life at some point.


The hilarious Me Ra. She cracked us up all night long!


My new favorite thing: Adobe Lightroom

I was hoping that I had about 1.5 hours this afternoon after nap-putdown-from-hell, so I decided to pull out Adobe Lightroom, which has been sitting on my desk for 2 months. I had been exploring photographers’ websites through Facebook and found out that there are these really amazing things called “Presets” that allow you to make VERY awesome tweaks very quickly. And tons of these sites offer them for free. My friend, Lindsey, has been on a photography journey over the past few years and in the past 4 months or so, her photos have taken on a life of their own! She got Lightroom over Christmas and now I drool over every single picture she posts on Facebook. So, I knew I needed to play around. Now, mind you I still know NOTHING about Lightroom. And I know that these photos are not even perfect. But here are the results that I got on two photos within 10 minutes of installing Lightroom and I am so excited about them.


I AM IN LOVE! I can’t wait to learn more about it. :)

Original Photo
After 3 Clicks in Lightroom
Original Photo
After 2 Clicks in Lightroom

8 Months!

Happy 8 Months to Hutcharoo. I haven’t been doing a really great job of sort of list-keeping when he turns each month to get those memories down. So here goes: He’s started mostly sleeping through the night 2 weeks ago (thanks to the help of a sleep coach, but more on that in a different post), he is still only eating pureed solid foods and HATES all finger foods except for braided pretzels (that we pop the salt off of) and sticks of very crunchy/dry toast, he’s not quite crawling (but we think it’ll be the next couple of weeks), he’s saying things like “Ga-ga-ga” “Ba-ba-ba” “Ma-ma-ma”, he doesn’t sign any words but thinks it’s hilarious when I sign “milk”, his favorite book is still probably “Owl Babies” (but “Bear in Underwear” is starting to creep up there) and he’s just generally pretty fun. He still is pretty demanding (he will growl and groan when he doesn’t get his way immediately) but when he’s fun, he’s AWESOME. He has started just laughing on his own about whatever strikes his fancy (sometimes nothing) and it just cracks us up. He’ll literally be staring at a toy and start to guffaw for no reason and then we start to laugh and that makes him laugh more. That just started a few days ago out of nowhere and it’s one of my favorite things he’s done so far in his life. And, last, we constantly get told that he’s one of the most beautiful babies that people have ever seen and that they want to eat him (which we think is REALLY weird and pretty unnerving). But we agree (about the beauty, not about wanting to eat him). :)


All in all, we are still enjoying the ride of parenthood and we definitely look forward to the new things that Hutch brings us every few days!!


We decided to get 8 month photos taken just so that we could get a few more photos of all three of us that we like during his first year. We met our photographer at a park called Bothell Landing that had really great old buildings, an old bridge and nice trees (although she tells us they are STUNNING when they have colorful leaves on them). I guess you can’t really expect warm-looking beauty when you take photos outside in a park in Seattle on February 3rd, eh? But we were really happy with the way they turned out. Here are some of the first sneak peek photos we got.