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Healthy and Gay….

I’ve been <edit: willfully> woefully bad about updating the blog in the past month. We’ve been busy and I have a lot to write about it but I will have to find time later this week.

In the meantime, we’ve embarked upon a juicing journey after watching an incredibly inspiring movie called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". I will regale you with tales of kale, beets and cucumbers in another post,  but here’s what I made today. We are calling it the "Ned Beety " (it’s beets, apples, cucumbers and a few strawberries ).


But since we haven’t given up all of our bad habits yet, I had to also shoe the pictures is the "Gay" cupcakes I got at Cupcake Royale. The proceeds go to support the gay marriage initiative in Washington this fall and since I have several sets of friends who’ve been unable to marry legally, this is important to me. Plus, the cupcakes were the bomb. :)


OK, more later!

Green Juice Face

We went to the new Evolution Fresh store in Bellevue Square to try some tasty green juice. This photo is terrible because Hutch was wiggling away but it still captures the expression he out on every time he had a sip of the green juice. :) After watching a really great documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, I’ve been thinking about getting into juicing, but I’ll have to make tastier juices than this one, apparently. If I want Hutch to drink them, that is.


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Proud of myself…

So, in attempt to continue on with the “New Year, New Me” concept of this year, I’ve continued to get on the bike! I made it to spinning class on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and this morning.  I’ve also been tracking what I eat on Sparkpeople and even keeping a private blog over there where I write down thoughts and feespinninglings that I pretty much want to keep to myself about the ups and downs of eating and working out. (Again, if you want to become my friend on Sparkpeople, I’m happy to share out my name to you…I just don’t want to publish it on the blog!) I haven’t had a drink since January 2nd and that feels really good, too! As far as being vegan goes, I still need to do a lot of work on that, but I’m still leaning into my “shades of grey” philosophy and feel like I’m making a bunch of changes already, so it’s ok if I don’t try to do EVERYTHING all at one time.


The really cool thing is that I actually look forward to spinning. So much so that I wake up in the morning and think, “I get to go to spinning tonight” and on the days when I don’t get to go, I sort of imagine if there are any ways that I could leave work early or wake up early so that I could get there. On Thursday, Casey (my instructor and now friend) did a movie-themed ride that was SO fun and inspirational that we were 45 minutes into the ride before I looked down at the clock and I realized that we were almost done with the class. That NEVER happens to me with any other kind of exercise. This morning, I decided to get up and go to another class at 8:30am. So, that was basically two classes in 12 hours. Even the lady who owns the gym was impressed that I made it there twice in that short a period of time. My hiney is pretty sore, but I feel great about it!


I’m also feeling really invigorated about doing stuff…whether it be cleaning up around the house, blogging and memory-keeping or playing with Hutch. I just feel good. It’s a weird feeling for this time of year because I’m usually down in the dumps since the holidays are over, but I really just feel good. Like I want to accomplish stuff.


I’ve got two projects going on right now (besides my quest to get the house spic and span and decluttered over the next few months). I really want to make this “subway art” sign for our front entryway. We bought all of the supplies to get the thing made many, many, many months ago. I’ve tested out the ways I want to do it, but just haven’t taken the plunge to get it done. Well, that’s on my list to get done in the next month or so!


The other thing is to do a better job of keeping up with photos, so I got the Project Life starter kit (free with points from my Amazon card!) and I’m going to start making a two-page weekly spread for every week of this year. I will call it my Project 52!


Ok, off to upload photos to Shutterfly so I can get started on the first two weeks of scrapbooking the year!!!! Wish me luck!

The Typical “New Year, New Me” Spiel

So, the new year goals kicked off a little later than normal due to the belated feeling of New Year’s Day and the Rose DSC_0271Parade/Rose Bowl being held on the 2nd and me not going back to work until the 4th. But, I started on the 3rd, with trying to be a better me.


There’s a 21-Day Vegan Kickstart going on that started on the 2nd, but I saved it for the 3rd since I wanted to finish off vacation with whatever decadence I felt like. This mostly included eating the loads of cookies that I’d made over the weekend in order to use up the pounds of butter that I had bought for Christmas cookies that were never made. In one afternoon naptime, I made three delicious batches of cookies (peanut butter kisses, chocolate chip cranberry oatmeal cookies and snickerdoodles). Therefore, these cookies all just had to be consumed in about 24 hours in order to start my goal of “clean eating” on the 3rd. :)

Anyway, I’ve always attempted this Vegan Kickstart before, but I always fall off the wagon and then declare it over in my head. Like, “you failed, just go back to your old ways”. This year, I’ve decided to just attempt and keep on attempting, with the knowledge that I’m GOING to fail IMG_5428but that’s ok. I’m working on being less black-and-white and more in shades of grey. I’m just going to work on weeding out animal-products as much as possible and incorporate more greens, fruits and veggies into our diets. We started on the 3rd by getting back into the green smoothie at breakfast habit and it was a HIT. Hutch just kept shouting “schmoo-ee, schmoo-ee” and ended up drinking about half of mine. He’s had some every day for breakfast and as soon as I flip on the blender, he shouts “SCHMOO-EEEEEEEE”. It’s a great way to get him to see that green things aren’t scary and can taste good!


On Wednesday night, I also took a foray back into the crockpot world and used a recipe that I found on Pinterest. (Pinterest, by the way, is my new favorite time suck. I never REALIZED how many creative minds are out there sharing and this site is SO fun to get inspired by!). Anyway, the recipe I found was a Quinoa Corn Chowder, but I modified it and used the yummy roasted corn and roasted peppers from Trader Joe’s. And one of these days, I’m going to actually have to buy some of the herbs and spices that normal people have in their kitchen like bay leaves and coriander. I don’t have these things, so I just threw in some Red Robin seasoning and some Spike seasoning and called it good. It turned out ok. I’m still not sure if I’m one for quinoa. Everyone talks about the delicious “nutty” flavor, but I think it just makes things taste a little like hay. Or weeds. I’m not really sure, but it just tastes too “natural” for my senses. I’m going to have to keep on working on it. To make the dinner a little more delicious, I stole an idea that we had at Coho Café a few weeks ago and made some savory corn/green chile waffles to go with the chowder. Those were pretty delicious and made the whole dinner more palatable. I’ll definitely be making those in the future! Anyway, it was a fun way to kick off the idea of eating clean and vegan more often at home and I want to keep up with exploring new recipes and finding new dishes that we all like.


We also went to a really yummy café for a date lunch on Tuesday called the Flying Apron. It’s vegan and gluten-free. We split a dish of Mac and “Chez” and an Italian flatbread  with spinach, zucchini, red peppers and other awesomeness on it. SUCH a yummy meal and I was happy that Buck liked it, too. It just inspires me to keep trying to incorporate veggies into our food and to be more creative with cooking.2012-01-03_12-37-16_167


With all of that being said my biggest goal of the 21-day Kickstart is not actually vegan-related, it’s to give up alcohol. Our little spirited one is the definition of someone who “drives you to drink” (or at least drives the Irish/Scottish gal in me to drink!). And I’ve let those feelings get the better of me and given in to the temptations of having a glass of wine (or three) after putting him to bed for the last year or so. I know that it’s just a habitual thing and that I use it to relax, but I’m working on finding other ways to substitute it, like having my favorite Decaf Candy Cane Lane Green Tea or using our new Sodastream that Santa brought for Buck to make some tasty raspberry essence carbonated water. So far (and it’s now January 6th), it’s been working. And I find that not drinking in the evening curbs the snacking habit as well. It also helps me sleep almost all the way through the night, which is something I’ve been having problems doing. I hadn’t really realized it was related to drinking until I cut it out. Pretty cool. So, anyway, all of that eating clean/drinking clean is my Goal One.


CaptureGoal Two is to work on my fitness and track my eating. Yah, I know, it’s so cliché. Like I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been going to spinning and that’s been doing wonders for my mood. Not so much for my body yet, but I think it’s because I’d yet to make any dietary changes when I started going about two months ago. So, I started posting my daily food intake and daily workouts (which aren’t really daily, more like two or three time/week) on a website called It’s a fantastic free site and is like Facebook for fitness.


You can fill out your daily nutrition tracker and fitness tracker and by doing so, you get “Spark Points”. I have no idea what that even means, but it’s kind of cool to get little badges and it motivates me. I used to spend money on other sites like and, but this site is totally free and I love that you can update your status (like on Facebook) and you can write whole blog posts and be motivated by other people’s blog posts. I am often tempted to write things on Facebook about working out or eating, but I see other people do that and I often think, “Why are you telling EVERYONE about every single trainer appointment you have?” I totally get it, because I *want* to do that, too. It’s a feeling of pride and a feeling of accountability when you share it with people. However, a few of my Facebook acquaintances (none of whom read this blog) go WAY overboard with their oversharing of their fitness and I always worry about being one of those people. So, what’s nice about Sparkpeople is that I’m anonymous on there, and I can write/post things that I don’t necessarily want to share with the world of people that I actually know. If you use Sparkpeople and would like to be my friend, however, let me know and I’ll tell you my username. Anyway, I feel like having a site that gives me little “awards” and is waiting to be filled up with my activity (food and fitness) helps keep me excited to focus on self-improvement.


Goal Three is related to memory-keeping. One of the things that is ALWAYS on my mental bucket list (or “fridge list”, as myAE_PL2011_intro-500x333 mom has) is to keep up with this blog, keep up with pictures, keep up with journaling, etc… I found this AMAZING site by Ali Edwards that has something that she calls “365: Project Life”. She doesn’t have this “one-photo-per-day” approach, she just tries to take pictures as much as possible and then incorporate everything into a week. She uses NORMAL binder pages with pockets on them and that allows her to put things like tickets and receipts and manuals and other things into the book. I am so in love with this concept and she said she keeps the album out on the counter all week long and I think that it would be SO great to be able to see what’s gone on in your life over the past year. Especially for Hutch. We have pictures of the Crawfords and the Ishiis (whom we never see in person) up on the magnetic boards) but I would love for him to be able to “interact” with them a little more and I think a scrapbook like this is very kid-friendly and not as intimidating when you don’t have to fire up the computer and do crazy digital layouts. (She does, but you don’t have to!) Anyway, I’m going to give it a shot and perhaps just end up printing out the blog posts and cutting them up into pieces and putting them in a binder. Who knows? I just think it’ll be nice to have a hard copy of my memories and the things we are doing throughout the year. Her post on 2011 Reflections and Ideas really boils it down to what worked and what didn’t for her. It’s just SO inspiring to read her stuff and get creative. I love love love looking at the way she does what she does.


Goal Four (and the final goal) is about organization and cleanliness. I am SO lucky to be in a part-time role, currently. Typically, this allows me to be at home on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week. In the past, I’ve left Hutch in daycare on Tuesdays so I can Capture2go to therapy (and talk about Hutch) and I’ve kept him home with me about 50% of the Fridays so that we can do stuff together. In the off-times, though, when I do have time to myself, I somehow feel like I never get anything done around the house.  My therapist tells me that IT’S OK and I need a break because raising a spirited child is like raising six children and I can’t do everything without taking a break. She has also diagnosed me with perfectionism and feeling like if I’m not doing everything perfectly, I’m failing. I know these things about myself but I also know that I feel more “in order” and at peace when the areas surrounding me are clean and tidy. I’m blessed with a husband who is a better housekeeper than I am and pulls WAY more than his share of the weight in the cleaning/tidying/laundry department. But I want to get better about cleaning out the different “zones”, as FlyLady calls them. There are places in my house that have been on my mental “to-do” list for about 2 years, like the bathroom drawers (which I started to line before Hutch was born and I never finished). Last week, while I was on holiday break from work, I used one of Hutch’s naptimes to clean out the medicine area of our kitchen cabinet so that we wouldn’t be beaten over the head by 12 almost-empty bottles of aspirin/ibuprofen/aller-tabs/sinus meds every time we opened that particular cabinet and they fell out everywhere. Just that simple task made me feel SO GOOD. It’s like cleaning out the cobwebs of my mind. So, today, after I return home from spinning, I plan to go through Flylady’s detailed cleaning plan and start thinking about how I can organize my brain and my zones so that it doesn’t seem like a monstrous and awful task to tackle areas of my house each day/week/month. And, when I talk about “cleanliness”, I’m not just talking about the house. In the past couple of days, I’ve been using Hutch’s bathtime, when I’m trapped in the bathroom and can’t go anywhere or do anything while he’s playing happily in the tub, to wash my face, put on a facemask (which Hutch thought was hilarious) and floss my teeth. I realized that I could have been doing this for months! Using those few minutes to “pamper” myself and feel like I’m working on self-improvement. So, goal four really encompasses all of the little ways I can live a clean and tidy life around here. Again, there’s no black and white. I’m going to have a dirty house, dirty floors, dirty gums, etc…this year. But I am going to try to take baby-steps.

One of the things that I’m most proud of from last year was fixing up the garage and turning it into a playroom for Hutch. It sort of came to me after seeing our friends’ garage that they’d cleaned out for their twins. Within a month or two, Buck and I had sorted through things, donated, cleaned and decorated and now we have daily playnights in there after school. I feel AMAZING about that. And that’s the kind of stuff I want to keep doing in this new year. Anyway, it’s January 6th, so I have 360 days left in the year to see where it’s going to take me. I usually feel sort of down-in-the-dumps around this time of year, but for some reason taking down the tree and the decorations invigorated me. I have a sort-of “carpe diem” attitude right now. Like I mentioned before, I’m coming out of the mama funk, feeling more like “me” again and I am excited to DO things instead of make it through the day. Here’s to a productive, peaceful and proud new year for one CockrellDoodleTwo. :)

Green Smoothie Day 2 and 3

I DID complete the green smoothie three day challenge! I kind of thought I wouldn’t, but I made one each day. The picture below is from Day 2 and I was too rushed to get out of the house on Day 3 to snap one. The problem is that they got progressively less tasty as the days went by because I ran out of bananas on day 2. The banana is the key. I *did* try a new trick of using lite coconut milk on the third day and that made it taste a little more tropical, so I might keep that up over the summer.

We’re off to the coast for a few days and, I know this sounds crazy, I brought the vitamix and a bunch of spinach and I’m going to try to keep it up!