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I think there’s a general rule of thumb…

Within 3 minutes of un-spooling the Christmas lights, they WILL be tangled into a knotted mess. I swear that I had JUST unrolled these and handed them up to Buck and somehow in the transfer they got completely tangled. The last picture is blurry, but poor dude spent ten minutes on top of the roof (which he hates) pulling them apart. The end result is LOVELY and all eco-friendly LED!!! I’ll take a picture of it as soon as it’s totally done!


Dreams…weird dreams…

This pregnancy has been keeping me awake from the very beginning. I just can not sleep through the night anymore. Actually, I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy or the new job that can be relatively stressful, but either way, if I’m awoken between the hours of 1:30am and 5:30am, I will usually stay awake for at least an hour, sometimes two. In any case, this often leads to bizarro dreams. I’ve had lots of tsunami dreams in the past two months, a couple of plane crash dreams and last night I was 100% sure that I had been told that we were having twin boys, not one girl. I woke up so sure that I was thinking, “Oh no! I have to go tell everyone I was wrong, it’s not a girl, it’s twin boys!” I’m a weirdo.


“Princess Sparkletoes and the Longest Snowday in History”

There’s a character on Sesame Street called Princess Sparklenose. She’s Abby Cadaby’s teacher, I’m pretty sure. Anyway, yesterday when we took our afternoon walk to get out of the house and shake off some cabin fever, I picked up some new sparkly nail polish and decided to spend today’s naptime (currently 1 hr 37 minutes in) freshening up my hair color and giving myself a mani/pedi. Its my version of a snow-imposed spa day.

We are on Day 6 of snow. Yesterday was supposed to be the bad one but it’s actually still snowing today. I will admit that I’m starting to feel a little crazy. Today I have posted the following two things that would probably eliminate me from a presidential bid (or Mommy of the Year award) to Facebook: 



Anyway, here’s a recap of the past two or so days…The night before “SNOWMAGEDDON 2012” started, we went to Red Robin for dinner and there was NO ONE IN THE RESTAURANT. The waitresses were break dancing in the aisles because they were so bored. It was AWESOME.2012-01-17_17-22-32_947

We spent yesterday playing in the playroom, drawing and playing in the peas. Here is a drawing that "Hutch did” of Bear in Pink Underwear (one of our favorite books).


Here’s what the field looked like when we took our walk outside after nap. 2012-01-18_09-44-04_-picsay

And today, Mama decided to get creative and do something we’d never done before: take a bubble bath in the downstairs bathroom. He loved it!


After I got out of the shower during the nap today, I noticed when I looked out the window that one of the branches from a tree was weighed down by snow and was pulling down our cable line that goes from the power lines to our house. I told Buck and he went outside to cut the branch down. HOW MANLY! :)


Here’s the shot where it starts coming down and he’s right underneath it.


Luckily he made it out of the way with only a minor scrape. IMG_5540

And, here are the pictures where it looks like he’s going after the annoying people who are snowmobiling up and down our street all day long with a tree branch cutter. :)


So, now it’s nearing the end of naptime and I’m just sitting here watching the 24-hour news coverage of the now-ice storm that has come after the snowstorm yesterday. It was supposed to warm up and melt today, but (yet again) the weathermen were wrong. I’m betting that we will have no daycare again tomorrow. So, gotta spend the last few minutes of nap figuring out what we can do for the rest of the day and all of tomorrow!2012-01-19_14-32-45_339