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june 23: the derailed edition

Hi there….clearly I’m not doing awesome at keeping updated on things. Here’s why: 3 weeks ago Briar got a horrible stomach flu that kept her out of school for half a week. 2 weeks ago, Briar got hand/foot&mouth disease that kept her out of school for half a week. Then last week, Hutch got hand/foot & mouth, so he was out of school for two days. In addition to that, last week a rumor started circulating that they are going to be laying off 40% of my group. If this happens, and it happens to me, it’ll likely be two years almost to the day as the last time I was laid off. My brain has been all over the place for the past five days. I have no choice but to keep my head down until I actually know what’s going to happen. But, it just blows. I’d just gotten to a good place in this role over the last couple of months and I’d even started decorating my office!! (Amy, see my awesome Japanese vending machine poster you got me last summer!)


20140623_124552     20140623_124604



SO, I’ve been doing terrible with eating and drinking way too much recently, but two of my friends and I have started a small private FB group to encourage each other over the next 30 days. Here were my goals today:

1) salad for lunch, 2) salad for dinner, 3) 10K+ steps and 4) my beachbody exercises (50 Crunches & 2x 60 Second Plank) and 5) NO ALCOHOL. And I posted this as our daily motivation:


And here’s how I’m doing so far! (Salad with black beans, red pepper, brussels sprouts and a dash of ranch + green juice with 2 cucumbers, 1 lemon, 1 green apple, ginger and tons of spinach.)


And, because I’ve been doing so horrible with updates on the kids, here are some fun videos since I’m sure you care more about them than my lunch choices. Smile


First, Hutch at Crossroads on one of his sick days. He was being hilarious while riding the carousel. The fact that he’s so verbal and funny is really cracking us up these days. At the time, I didn’t know where he came up with “This is the BEST DAY EVERRRR!”. I thought I was just being an awesome mom, getting him cake pops and putting him on rides. But, it turns out that it was from an episode of WallyKazam, one of his new favorite shows. Smile

This is the day that we got birthday presents from Aunt Carrie, Uncle Brian, Georgia and Ronan. This one is called “Rollipop” and Briar figured this out within about a minute of me putting it together. SHE LOVES this thing!!! I couldn’t believe she just “knew” to put the balls into the hole at the top. Thank you guys again for sending it!

Hutch likes to speak in “Japanese” and he will take English words and say them in Japanese by just using the “katakana-version” of the word. SO, he’ll say “Doh-rah-ee-voo soo-roo” instead of saying “Drive through”. Smile And he calls Briar “Boo-rah-ee-ah-chan”. One of the huge benefits of sending him to a Japanese daycare.

may 29–june 1: the debauchery recap edition


So, last Wednesday was super stressful. Last Thursday, I was in training all day with no great food options (egg sandwich for breakfast, boxed sandwich lunch) and then Friday was date day to celebrate Buck’s birthday. All bets are off on date day. Saturday and Sunday were a mixture of being good and bad. But, today is Monday. I’m getting back on the horse. And, just so you know, I’ve done my 10K+ steps every day for the past four days. So it’s not all bad. ;)  Tomorrow is Hutch’s 4th birthday and our 8th anniversary and then we are through with “birthday season” in our house. Yipppppeeee.

Take a gander at the pictures that document the debauchery / craziness / fun of the last couple of days in the life of one crazy mama.

Thursday: Crappy Breakfast Sandwich + Iced Americano in my training class…it just got worse from there.


Friday:  Breakfast at Lowell’s in Pike Place Market…His and Hers Lowell’s Bowls. They were SO good. Oh, and a Bellini with local marionberries.




Pike Place Fun!

 image  image

image  image

Lola’s for lunch! My first time! (Although, I honestly don’t think it’s worth the hype…)

image  image

Photo: Birth-date Day Stop #?  : Cheers!

Funny movie after lunch (and no, I did not eat all the popcorn. Or even half of it.)


Karaoke in the evening!




And then my phone died because I’d been taking pictures all day, so I just have the one of “Buck’s birthday cake” at a bar called “Unicorn”. It’s a deep-fried exploding Twinkie. And we also ate a whole bunch of other awful (i.e. awesome) bar food. But, man oh man, was it SO ENTIRELY WORTHWHILE to have our first date night out since OCTOBER. Photo: Buck 's birthday cake!

Saturday morning got us back to our normal routine of soccer and then just filling the day with stuff to keep the kids occupied. It was gorgeous weather, so we took Hutch to the Exotic car show in Redmond Town Center, since he’s obsessed with race cars these days.

Photo: 18 months can't come soon enough for Lil' Miss Impatient. Girl needs to kick!

Photo: Hutch turns 4 on Tuesday and he just asked us for this car for his birthday. #keepdreamingkid

We went to a birthday party for Marlo and the theme was “Frozen”, so there was a bouncy house castle and Hutch got super sweaty and dirty. We threw him in the bath when we got home and this was the end result. (Just a tip, if you’re going to turn on the jets, use only the TINIEST amount of bubble bath.)

Photo: A personality to match his bath.

On Sunday, we got up and went to donuts (again, bad, but oh-so-good and I made the best choice possible by getting an unglazed one) and then we went to Home Depot and got a bird feeder that will hopefully deter the little evil squirrel that has broken our OTHER brand-new bird feeder three times in a week. Here was my Facebook post about it.


And in the afternoon, we headed to Nana and Grandy’s pool for the first swim of the summer. The whole experience last about 21 minutes, with Hutch only almost-drowning 1 time. Yay for us.

Photo: Soaking it all in.

Like I said, I’m getting back on the wagon this week. Hopefully the stars will align and help make that possible.

may 27: i’m back

Helllloooooo….it’s been a long time. And, I’ll be going back to update this blog with the last few months of happenings in our household (of which there have been MANY: a 1st birthday, trips to the cherry blossoms/tulips/beach, a little walker, etc…) But, right now I just have to get over the hump and literally force myself to type and just get back into sharing. I’m way behind at work for today but I still just wanted to get this down: I’m starting to get “myself” back again. I’ve been going to the gym, got a Fitbit and I’m tracking my steps every day and I’m trying to get myself back into the habit of eating more healthfully and not making excuses.

I had done a pretty awesome job of shaving off the pregnancy weight pretty quickly after Lil Miss came out last May. By the time I came back to work in October I was the smallest I’d been in several years. But the stress of work, lack of sleep, stopping breastfeeding, excuse-based eating/drinking and no real exercise took its toll on me and I’m now back to where I was last May 15th when Briar arrived, but THIS TIME THERE’S NO BABY INSIDE OF ME!!!!  :(

So, using the help of my new friend Claire, who write a great blog, I’m attempting to cook more, make better choices and drop a few lbs……(well, in a dream world, 60 lbs). I’ve given myself the goal of 40 by my birthday, so that means I have to be ON.

Anyway, sorry if I bore you over the coming weeks with my health stats and food pictures. Part of my plan is to just document the heck out of everything so that I feel more accountable. I’m using this blog and my Sparkpeople account as my version of Weight Watchers. I promise to start posting more one-off blogs of the kids and their antics like I was doing in January/Feb. Thanks for being patient with me, friends.

Here’s breakfast and lunch today: 1) his and hers green smoothies and 2) HUGE salad + sparkling water for lunch with fruit as an afternoon snack (ignore the yogurt, not eating that part).

image     image

draggin’ a$$

This post is my version of Jersey Shore’s “GTL” (gym/tan/laundry). Except mine is “HGC” (hair/gym/coffee). It’s Wednesday. We got back from Oregon on Monday afternoon and I still feel like I’m recovering from the weekend. Buck sent me an article yesterday from Huffington Post that talks about how, with little kids, you take trips, not vacations. It’s so true.

Anyway, I made it to the hairdresser yesterday for the first time since Briar was born. I had to take her and she got fussy, so he had to do half the haircut standing up and the coloring with her precariously perched on my lap. But, I came out with beautiful locks thanks to my wonderful wizard of hair, Thomas. ;)


Then today, I had signed up for TRX at the gym. I haven’t been since last Wednesday because I skipped spinning on Thurs, we were in Seaside Fri thru Mon and I couldn’t go yesterday because of the hair. So, I really NEEDED to go, but I really didn’t want to go. Thus the title of this post. But, I DID drag my a$$ there and got it kicked by the amazing instructor that I’m in love with. And then Buck and I had a nice date lunch at the Greek restaurant Santorini in Kirkland where I just got a salad (no meat) and then we headed to the coffee shop where he works and I try to catch up on the blog. I’ve done this three times where I’ve planned to finish the December through May (now AUGUST) photos that I haven’t posted and each time I get about one post done. NOT TODAY. I will do more TODAY.

Anyway, I’m sabotaging myself and throwing away the workout and my clean eating lunch by getting an espresso shake. BUT IT’S OH-SO-GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to bring Amy here when she comes next week. She’s gonna love it! :)  But I’m going to try to keep up with clean eating for the rest of maternity leave and do my best to drop some more lbs. I’ve decided for every ten pounds, I’ll reward myself with a Lululemon workout top. This will, in turn, motivate me to work out more. I have 2 more lbs to go to get the first one. Doable, right? :)

Ok, back to catching up on pictures and blog posts. Expect a big “backblog” post with tons of links in the next few days. (By writing this, it means it HAS to happen, right?) ;)